Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bolton vs. City Recap

Different formation, same result. Mancini started with a much more attacking formation, having Aguero and Dzeko paired together up top. The wrinkle I really liked was that he started Silva out wide right in a kind of 4-4-2, but Silva constantly moved into the middle behind the two strikers, dragging his defender with him. This made it easy for Richards to maraud forward on the right side with only Petrov defending him.

I liked this win a lot because we managed it with a fair bit of squad rotation. There was no De Jong in the lineup; the midfield consisted of Silva, Barry, Milner, and Yaya in De Jong's usual spot. Also missing from last weekend's win was AJ, replaced by Aguero, and Clichy, replaced by Kolarov. Good to know that we can change formations and players and still be successful.

Not too concerned about the goals we gave up because we were so potent offensively. I was a little disappointed with Richards defensively, he should know not to give Petrov that much space to cross. The free kick, well, Lescott challenged well, but Davies got a head to it first. Not sure exactly what you can do about that. Side note: I hate Kevin Davies. He constantly backs in to defenders, which while seeming innocuous enough, doing it when said defenders are in air it can really mess them up. The problem is that he never gets cards for doing it, so no matter how many times he gets whistled, he keeps on doing it.

Anyway, still top of the league. At this rate, can't see any reason why we shouldn't be there for a good long while.

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