Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Preview

Couple of things to look for this weekend.

  • I'm very interested in the Villa-Wolves game. The interesting fact about this game is that both teams have played the same schedule so far, playing against Fulham and Blackburn. This means they are much more easily comparable than most other teams at this point in the season. Unfortunately for Villa, Wolves have played better against those teams than Villa so I'm predicting them to get an away win.
  • Man City-Tottenham will most likely be the most entertaining match of the round. Based on a formula for excitement I created last year (the total number of SOG in games featuring the team), they are ranked numbers one and two respectively.
  • Several people have mentioned the relative low scoring in the early part of this season. I don't believe that this will be a problem for the rest of the season. The chances being created are about equal, it's just that teams are finishing their chances 22% of the time rather than the usual 30% of the time. I predict scoring will increase in the coming weeks.

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