Friday, August 26, 2011

A Lost Week

Okay, finally back from NYC/Adirondacks/job search. Lots of things happening. Let's get to it, bullet-style.

  • Nasri signs for City. Color me unimpressed. A good player certainly, but one I don't think we need. It really all depends on how it impacts FFP. I'll be much happier if we manage to unload some of our unwanted players, the way we did with Adebayor.
  • Speaking of FFP, Malcolm Gladwell has a good article on Grantland where he talks about why sports franchises shouldn't make money. Replace franchises with clubs and he could easily be talking about soccer.
  • My first gambling pick certainly went pear-shaped. Note to self: never bet against the team you picked to win the title on the basis of one game. In my defense, I do have to note that the line moved toward Tottenham and I expected Modric to play. Oh well.
  • Champions League draw was certainly tough. Still, as a fan, it's more fun to see City play the best as opposed to some random team from Romania or Czech. The Bayern games in particular should be fantastic.

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